Orchard CMS & Storing Azure configurations and secrets

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1. Introduction


At our next meetup, we will have two talks, one remote and one in-person. Zoltán Lehóczky will join us via video call and talk about the Orchard Core CMS. Saeed Ganji will then talk about how to store configurations and secrets in Azure, the secure way.

Storing configurations and secrets, the secure way - Saeed Ganji [In-Person]

In the world of microservices, it is important that all the instances of our application have a centralized configuration store, in order to fetch the required configurations and when they are changed, the app gets the new values automatically without the need to restart it, more importantly, secrets should be stored securely and access to them needs to be also in a managed secure way. In this Meetup I would like to talk about the Externals Configuration Store pattern, using Azure App Configuration and Azure Key Vault, and how to access them within our application. We will go through the steps of provisioning those resources to have a simple ASP.NET Web application configured in a secure way to access the configurations.

2. Key Facts

Title: Orchard CMS & Storing Azure configurations and secrets
Location: CAMPUS 02, Körblergasse 126 Graz
Date: 2023-06-29