Azure Kubernetes Service - Fundamentals and Deep Dive into Workloads

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1. Introduction


In this meetup, Patrick Koch is going to talk about the fundamentals of the Azure Kubernetes Service, with a deep dive into Workloads by having a short theoretical session first and a live demonstration afterward.

Content Basics:

What can Kubernetes do for you? What are the Kubernetes Components? * How to set up a Kubernetes cluster in Azure using Terraform * What is the kubeconfig file - what’s its purpose? * How to use the kubectl tool * Deep Dive Workloads

What are Workloads Different types of Workloads Deploy a Job at a Kubernetes Cluster * Deploy a StatefulSet at a Kubernetes Cluster * Deploy a Deployment at a Kubernetes Cluster * Scale a Workload * (*) included in the live demonstration

Get together afterward with snacks and drinks :) As it’s one day before St.Patricks Day - we’ll offer Irish Beer in addition as preparation - Sl├íinte! ;)

Recording (german)

2. Key Facts

Title: Azure Kubernetes Service - Fundamentals and Deep Dive into Workloads [Tutorial]
Location: Graz, Smart City - Waagner-Biro Strasse 108
Date: 2023-03-16 repository:

3. Prerequisites

Basic understanding of cloud computing

4. How to arrive

Google Maps Link to the location of the building:

If you’d like to arrive by using public transport, take line 6 (Smart City) get out at “Dreiersch├╝tzengasse/Helmut-List-Halle” and follow the way of the blue dotted line:


Just go straight forward and pass the gate:


We’ll meet us at the door below the “AVL” icon. There you’ll get your access card for entering the building: