HashiDays 2023

Key Facts

Conference: HashiDays 2023
Topic: Migration of a Containerized Legacy Application to the Cloud
Location: Munich
Date: 2023-06-14
Lecturer: Patrick Koch


A classic legacy desktop application is usually not designed to operate in the cloud, not even as a container. Nevertheless, cloud adoption can’t be refused and the need for scaling resources on demand - is to be opened up for new business areas. So the decision was made to take the plunge with a MS Windows-based monolith - whose development began more than two decades ago - and to conduct the cloud migration. The start of the changeover raised more questions than answers.

• Which technology services are included in the technology stack? • What are the long-term plans? • Who is the main driver regarding the efforts toward cloud migration and scalability? • What about the obstacles? • How could IaC, especially Terraform help us?