The DEVOPS Conference

Key Facts

Conference: The DEVOPS Conference
Topic: Migration of a containerized legacy application to the cloud
Location: Online
Date: 2022-03-08 - 2022-03-07
Lecturer: Patrick Koch, Michael Mitter



A classic legacy desktop application is usually not designed to operate in a cloud services environment, not even as a container. Nevertheless, you can’t refuse cloud adoption if you want to continue to be successful and open up new business areas. That’s why we took the plunge with our MS Windows-based monolith, whose development began more than two decades ago. The start of the changeover raised more questions than answers. Besides the architectural challenge, we also had to face an organizational challenge: From waterfall to agile software development using an enterprise framework.

This is what we are trying to answer.

In our workshop session, we will work together to gain a basic understanding of container orchestration in the cloud with AKS (Azure Kubernetes Services) using simple examples, related to our lecture.